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Hi from Hawaii

Having a nice time here in Hawaii at the fancy industry conference. The weather is great, but, as is usually the case with these things, have spent all the days in meetings.

At least I was able to sneak away to the Ala Moana mall to buy three quality Aloha shirts. They're colorful, but not the tacky " Hawaiian shirts " that may come to mind. The kind I get cost $50 and up, are made of good fabric, and last for years. In Hawaii, noone wears a suit and a tie to work. Even if you work for a fancy bank, you wear an Aloha shirt. You're in Hawaii, and that's how its done here.


nice shirt!!!!

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I saw all you conventioneers at my hotel. What a great way to conduct business. I was very impressed with the way companies like Aon and AIG wooed the crowd with fancy parties, suites and billboards. Marsh even blocked off a section of the beach(with personalized umbrellas)for their guests. Very cool. Must cost a lot. Can you tell me a little more about your industry and convention? I never heard of Marsh until I saw their signage this week.

One more question, what's a typical day like for you at the convention? Describe today for example.

I really miss Oahu. I got back home yesterday but as you can see, my spirit is still savoring my vacation.


I plucked the image of that shirt from the internet. I got three shirts that I like, but they are not the same as that one.


Can't get too specific, as I am The Phantom after all.

My purpose for attending is to meet with far-flung clients, brokers, and underwriters. I never set foot in the convention hall itself, nor did I last year in Philadelphia.

But with all these clients ( buyers ), brokers and underwriters in one place, I was able to bring people together for meetings that would not normally be in one place.

So, for example, on Monday, I had a breakfast meeting with a major insurer and and a big European client at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel at 730 am, followed by a 9am breakfast meeting with another insurer, another client and other players at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Not good for the waistline, having two breakfasts in one day, but sometimes that is the only way you can meet with people.

The rest of that day was with other meetings, followed by a dinner hosted by an insurer.

There were some gaps, which allowed me to sneak away to the Ala Moana Mall, and to meet with a friend who now works for a competitor in London.

My flight to New York was long, but the guys who flew in from London and Zurich really racked up the FF miles, and jet lag!

Interesting. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

It was great to catch up with you, Phantom. Thanks for lunch.!

Signed: Friend who now works for a competitor in London

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