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Back From Philadelphia

My Amtrak 1142am Metroliner train to NY was cancelled to do the system problems, so downshifted to a regular, very full, train that was fine. Even with the cell-phone idiots.

On the way out of the hotel, the enthusiastic, maybe new to the job bellman asked me where I was going, and for my last name. I said 30th Street ( train ) station. He asked me which airline I was taking. I said it would be Amtrak, not an airline. Then, as the door closed on the taxi he said " Have a good trip Mr. Amtrak ", then started to correct himself.

Philly's ok. Intend to learn the city a little better. A big, tough, cynical place with a fair amount going on.

Philadelphia's City Hall is immense. Walked through it twice yesterday, to and from meetings on either side of Market Street. Saw a plaque on one side devoted to the Irish signers of the Declaration of Independence, and to John Barry, the Irish-born Philadelphia man who founded the American Navy. http://www.ushistory.org/more/commodorebarry.html

On another wall, a plaque from the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia, http://www.standrewsociety.org/index2.htm
honoring the Scottish born men who served as architects for the building and as the sculptor of the statue of William Penn.

Hot in NYC today, 88 degrees.

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