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Verizon DSL Truce?

Have been complaining to Verizon over their substandard speed in Brooklyn. I'm supposed to get 3000 kbits for downloads ; but I've been getting more like 500-900 kbits during the evening. This is a very common issue in Brooklyn and elsewhere in the region.

They called on Friday to say that the problem has been solved. Actually, it's not, but the performance has been much better. Speeds still erratic, but tending higher, from 1400 all the way up to the promised 3000 kbits.

This problem does not exist on RoadRunner Cable Internet. They are superior. Maybe the Cable technology is better, or maybe Verizon's implementation is a mess. But RoadRunner consistently delivers the goods, and Verizon DSL does not.

Why don't I switch to RoadRunner? Tthey charge $50 a month, as opposed to Verizon's $30 a month, and I am too, shall we say, " thrifty " to pay that. And I live in hope that Verizon DSL will one day deliver what they promise.

Verizon Online Speedtest Indicator http://infospeed.verizon.net/speedtest/speedtest500k.asp

Hey Blogger, I'm looking for verizon online does anyone know if a site like verizon online is a good place to start? I found it blog searching for Verizon DSL Truce?, exactly the same way I found this blog. Sorry, I'm still kinda new to the Internet and blogging. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

Hi there Blogger. So I see I find myself back here again. I figure it's high time I post something eh? It's strange that I always wind up back at this blog, I dunno if it is fate or if it is the great stories like Verizon DSL Truce? …lol. I suppose I should tell you to keep it up since I obviously love reading here so much. LoL, but really, do keep this up, otherwise I might have to find something else to do with my time (and we can’t have that now can we?) Anyway, I am off, to surf some more blogs with my spankin new DSL. Later Blogger

Hi Blogger. I was doing a blog search for info on SBC Yahoo! DSL and your Verizon DSL Truce? page popped up and looked interesting. Although it's not exactly about SBC Yahoo! DSL I still found alot more information than I thought through the posts here. Thanks Blogger and great blog!

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