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Willie Randolph's NY Mets Win 1-0

Jose Reyes just won the game for the Mets, with a grounder to make the score 1-0 in the bottom of the 11th.

Clemens pitched very well, as did Mets starter Ishii.

Franco came in to get --one-- batter out.

Games like this , with few runs, and a focus on pitching, defense and strategy, are real baseball. Rarely seen in the steroids era, esp in the American League, they may become more common now that the players are supposedly off the juice.

The Mets could be really interesting this year. Lots of good player moves, yeah, but don't forget that they now have a real manager, for the first time in years -- Willie Randolph.

Randolph, who learned a lot from Billy Martin, and learned more from Joe Torre, gets to show what he can do. Watch this team. Watch this manager.

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