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Labour Victory in the UK

This is clearly good news for President Bush, as Blair has been a major ally in the war against terror and the war in Iraq. But it's also a victory for Bill Clinton. He endorsed Blair, and even made a virtual in person endorsement via satellite at a Labour rally.

With a smaller majority, Blair's power is diminished, but the important fact is that he and his party have been re-elected. As was Bush, as was Howard in Australia. You know that Bush was very happy to hear of the result.

I don't think that it is a extremely good news for Bush. The Blair's victory was sure, the conservative party has been very weak and with no strong leadership in this election.
The Blair's image has been quite bursted after the Iraqi war and in fact he was pretty apart from the electoral campain where played an important role Gordon Brown.
This election in Uk means something like take Blair now to have Brown in few years maybe one or two.


I cannot disagree too strongly, as I think most British people do have a problem with the war and many think that Blair lied ( which I think is untrue, but it is a common opinion ).

And the Conservatives are weak, for sure.

And many absolutely do think that the outcome will be as you say --Brown to take power soon. I have friends in London, and I have heard this belief.

I do support the war, and I think Blair is a good man, but I understand that everyone does not agree.

Oh, we certainly agree that " Scent of a Woman " is a wonderful movie. Have seen it three times, will see it again.



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