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Freedom Tower - A Towering Improvement

The redesigned " Freedom Tower " . It actually looks like a building. Unlike the previous, silly, Libeskind design, this is topped by an antenna that is centered. Libeskind's design had the massive antenna to one side, where it would eventually fall off. The delays in this project have been really frustrating, but have led to a building that real people seem to actually like. Everyone except the " architecture critic " of the NY Times, some guy named Nicolai Ouroussoff, who wrote a column the other day in which he stamped his feet, dismissed the design from opening para to end, as " A Tower of Impregnability, the sort Politicians Love ". If this guy hates it, and if Libeskind the munchkin is reduced to a figurehead, that's a very good sign that the professionals are finally in charge. Posted by Picasa

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