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Helios Air Crash

Like everyone, I watched in horror at the Helios Air plane in Greece.

There's a story on the Internet tonight that a former mechanic said the ( reported )air-conditioning and pressure problems with this aircraft were caused by an allegedly defective seal around the door. We'll know a lot more by weeks end.

Flight is such a beautiful thing, even in these cattle car, bring your own food days.

But could anything be more ghastly than an aluminum tube filled with people crashing at speed from the sky? I always think of those passengers who are aware of their fate, even if for just a few seconds--in the September 11 aircraft, and maybe on this one. Even if this plane lost its pressure and got freezing cold in say seven seconds....you can realize an awful lot of things in seven seconds. Especially if it begins with a loud noise when the plane suddenly lost pressure, as was speculated.

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