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Baseball's Back

Its the changeable time of year. This past weekend was glorious, but the past three days have been chilly here. Today, around lunchtime, there was a discernable snowfall in Manhattan. It didn't stick.

The baseball season has just started. The Yankees opened in Oakland, winning the first game and losing the second.

The Mets opened at Shea on Monday afternoon, winning 3-2, aided by a bad call by the home plate umpire. Soriano was supposedly tagged out sliding home, but Mets catcher Lo Duca clearly dropped the ball.

They played again tonight. It's wrong to play night games in April--its too damned cold. Its 41 degrees now. I don't mind walking in that weather, but I don't want to be sitting around for three hours in it.

The Mets had led 4-0 into the sixth. Brian Bannister was making his first major league start for them and had a no-hitter through 5 1/3 innings.

Then ex-Yankee Nick Johnson hit a three run homer in the sixth. Super new relief pitcher Billy Wagner came on in the ninth, and gave up a deep home run to left to Ryan Zimmerman. This ensured that young Bannister would not get the win. It was Zimmerman's first major league home run.

Washington has scored five runs in the tenth, leads 9-4, and its looking mighty grim in a cold, fast-emptying Shea Stadium. Jorge Julio has been rocked. If Wagner had made one better pitch, the game would have been over and everyone here would have been happy. What the hell. We'll get 'em tomorrow.

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