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New Format on View From 103

Bayonne Bridge, originally uploaded by corydalus.

Hope that you like the new format. It's fun to change looks once in awhile, but here I really had to--I've really started to enjoy digital photography, and have posted more photos on the blogs. But when I posted large photos from flickr onto the old template, the sidebar was pushed to the bottom of the page. The problem was mitigated when viewed via a Firefox browser, but not everyone uses that.

This is a template called "iconic", found here, and I may keep it for awhile. Unlike my apartment, its very clean and organized.

I've removed the support Denmark banner. Not because I have ceased to support Denmark, but because that issue has calmed down.

Above is the Bayonne Bridge, which connects Bayonne New Jersey with Staten Island. Its gorgeous. A few summers ago, I walked across this bridge, which most New Yorkers have never done. On a nice day, there is nothing like it. Its not that high above the water, and its cool to watch the ships pass underneath. Nice shot, corydalus

Glad you like my photograph, though it pains me to have my work seen on any site that links to the racist right-wing fascists at LGF.


Its important to maintain the lines of communication open.

It's painful to see how these days "liberals" and "conservatives" shout past one another without listening and respecting one another.

I respect a number of liberal voices. And while I agree that LGF is conservative, I don't think that they are fascist. They see a real and present danger to this country and they keep a laser beam on it.

Are they wrong at times? I'm certain that they are. Are they an important voice in the blogosphere? You bet.

Anyway, you're a good photographer and you are welcome to stop by anytime.

NP, Phantom. I have a couple of very conservative friends. They and I agree to disagree, secure in the knowledge that what we think, left or right, is of no importance whatsoever. The fate of the US, and the world, is being decided by those with power and money and we have neither.

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