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Fickle Finger of Fate Points to Fraud?

This past March 22, a certain Anna Ayala claimed to have found a human finger in an order of chili that she had ordered in a California Wendy's.

While I don't think Wendy's chili is supposed to be vegetarian, it would be bad form for it to contain human fingers. It's almost gross.

This has become a huge national story. Late-night comedians have spoken of it constantly. The dull-witted, unfunny Jay Leno said " I didn't know Wendy's served finger food. I guess we know what Wendy's did with their [ recently deceased, and much- loved ] founder, Dave Thomas. " Har har.

Well, it soon became known that this Anna Ayala has a litigious history, including a lawsuits against her employer, against General Motors --and against fast-food restaurant El Pollo Loco. A coincidence, surely.

Her story never made any sense. Chili is made in small batches, and this batch was made by a ten-year veteran of Wendy's, who would have seen something foreign in the product. And noone in Wendy's, or their suppliers had reported losing a finger or any other body part.

Now, today, Anna Ayala has been arrested in connection with this case. There will be more details out soon. But if this story is what it appears to be -- a clumsy act of fraud -- how does Wendy's get its reputation back?

Not that it ever lost it with me. I like them, always have. I'll eat something at Wendy's this weekend, whether I am hungry or not. Add a side of chili, please.

And welcome to hell, Anna Ayala. Make yourself at home. You'll be here for a very long time.

CNN Story here.

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