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Strange Doings In China

In today's NY Times, and also in the London Times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-1565554,00.html there are major articles about -- large and serious -- riots in China. This most recent one was due to anger about extreme pollution caused by chemical plants. Which are owned by people with friends in high places. Which have devastated the nearby farm economy. And which are built on stolen land.

What is interesting about this recent riot is that a lot of the participants were described as " elderly ". Things have to be pretty bad before you get an army of " elderly " Chinese peasants angry enough so that they riot in the streets.

The changes in China are not all good, and there are a lot of pissed off and hopeless people over there.

Not in favor of riots, by the young or the " elderly " but am not in favor of the Communist government stealing peoples land and polluting it all to hell either.

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