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Verizon DSL Resolution? / WNYE

Something's going on. For the first time in two months, my Verizon DSL is actually doing what it supposed to do. Hitting 3000 kbits a second, repeatedly. This must be a technical error, proper performance is never supposed to happen with Verizon DSL in NYC. Whichever Verizon employee hit the " full speed ahead " button will undoubtedly be punished by Verizon management.


On WNYE, something called NYC TV was on earlier tonight. Snappy glimpses of New York, esp Tribeca. Pretty neat, though I can't describe what it is.

Now on WNYE is some Norweigian guy eating a shrimp in some fjord and talking about Oslo. I've been in Oslo, but do not recall eating shrimp there.

Sometime later I will recite the great Norwegian poem.

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