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New York Baseball Update / All the News You Need to Know

The baseball universe revolves around a NY axis, but the poles have reversed. This year, North is South, this year the Mets are good and the Yankees are bad. This may be a false spring, but that's how it is now.

Despite today's win, the Yankees see Yankees website, which if you look it today you will see a cool clip of a Jeter homerun, caught by a guy in the right field stands, who kisses the wife/girlfriend afterwards...how cool is that?have a record of 8 wins and 11 losses.

And the Mets where if you look at their website today, you'll see a replay of the Mighty Piazza hitting a three rbi double into left, in a loss to the new Washington team are better. Much better. They are now 10 wins, 9 losses. ( If video clips do not come up automatically, hit " Video Highlights " )

Pitching is more than 50% of the game, and the Yankees starting pitchers are old. Really old.( Though it is not true that their starting pitching rotation consists of Methuselah, George Burns, Francisco Franco, Rodney Dangerfield, and Archie Bunker )

One of their starters, forty year old Kevin Brown, gets $15 million a year, earns none of it. ( Last year, he punched a concrete wall in frustration when he could not get batters out ) He is being booed this year, quelle surprise. Mussina and Johnson are ok, the other starters are unknown.

And there are other question marks all over the rest of the team.

But across the East River, the Mets have done interesting things. They signed one of the best pitchers in baseball, Pedro Martinez, over the season, and he has been wonderful, far in excess of high expecations, since joining this year.

And other free agent signings are so-far so good with the Mets including new centerfielder Carlos Beltransince he joined the team this year.

This trend could continue. The Mets have a very good new General Manager, Omar Minaya , and a great new field manager, Willie Randolph, an ex-Yankee who learned a lot in his years as player and assistant coach.

And the Yankees were caught flat-footed when Petitte left, Clemens double-crossed them, and wall puncher Kevin Brown signed in at three times what he might have been worth . They're in a bad spot, just as the Mets may be turning it around. Lets watch this.

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