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World Trade Center in Movies

On April 12, I mentioned the The 10048 Project , a site that catalogues movies in which the WTC appears. But I've been dissapointed, as this site is incomplete. And though it asks for updates, when I have given them additional movies, they have not added them to the site.

But today, I have stumbled upon what looks like a more comprehensive site, WTC In Movies . It has a longer list of movies, and also has movie posters featuring the buildings.

It looks like this site is updated frequently. I have made a suggestion to them to add " Serpico" to the list.

Thanks for the publicity. I've been working hard on the web site and appreciate your comments.

It is important to remember these buildings, and the friends we lost in them.

Recently, I watched " How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days " ( don't ask why! ) and there is a scene at the end when they take the Staten Island Ferry back to lower Manhattan. The ONLY thing I saw there was the two buildings no longer there.

Your site is good, and it is important. I'll keep an eye on it, and will be happy to share it.

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