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Baseball Roundup

This is not a true roundup, just the baseball stuff that interests me. And thats : John Rocker, the Yankees and the Mets.

Major story about my boy Rocker in ESPN. You'd be surprised at how many New Yorkers want this guy to succeed. Not because we agree with the things he said years ago, but because we can relate to someone screwing up and wanting a chance to redeem himself.

The Yankees did not get the rain I thought they needed on Saturday, but they got something better--a complete game shutout from Mike Mussina. I think this guy is more of a mouse than a moose, but he certainly delivered the goods on Saturday.

On Sunday, deadbeat wall-puncher Kevin Brown pitched most of a second consecutive shutout, which is also good. This team still has major problems, but it was a good weekend after all.

I will be up at Yankee Stadium for Wednesday's day game vs Ichiro and the Mariners.

Yet another bad start for Tom Glavine, a lost soul on the mound. Sunday's loss leaves them at 17-15; not bad.

Why do you say Mussina is a mouse?

Last year, he went waay down in my books when the Yankees opened the season in Tokyo. Before they left, he said that he was afraid of the terrible jet lag.

When they were there, Jeter and the boys were out partying and having fun, and this guy -- a Stamford grad mind you -- stayed in his room the entire time.

When they returned to the States, he complained about the terrible jet lag, and continued to complain about it at various times throughout the season. His 12 wins, 9 losses season.

He's a good pitcher, but last year, he had his excuses lined up before the season began, and even the Yankee radio broadcasters commented upon it during this spring training.

That's why he's " Mouse Mussina"

So he's a "girly man". Okay, I get it.

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