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IRiver H320, Chien-Ming Wang and Tino Martinez

Received the IRiver H320 today. Its a good piece of gear, but the documentation is brutal.

Was able to transfer a few CD files to it, as well as a couple of jpg photo files. There is an FM radio also.

Good little machine, will have it figured out soon.


Yankees win their fourth straight tonight, which is great. My buddy Chien-Ming Wang from Taiwan pitched very well, gets his first win in the Bronx and how great is that? You think that won't get a little play in Asia?

His family traveled from Taiwan to see his first game recently, and Joe Torre met them, gave them the signed lineup card.

Tino Martinez has now homered in four consective games. The fans love this guy and really wanted him back. I questioned the move, because the guy has not hit at all in the past few years. But just as some guys ( hey Giambi we're talkin' about you, Balco boy ) shrink when they come to NY, others such as Tino step up.

Noone remembers now, but a lot of Yankee fans were hostile to Tino when he first came to the Bronx in 1996, because he was taking the place of the great Don Mattingly. But they soon came to love the guy, and it is well noted that his arrival began the run of Yankee championships.

Welcome back, Tino. Now I will be there tomorrow and another home run would be really good.

Now Tino's up to 5 consecutive games with homers! And rumor has it that The Phantom was at the game today....

Oh he was alright. Very sloppy game, but one with the right ending. Was with a bunch of business geeks who wanted to talk shop, but I watched the game. Jeter hit a ball that was barely --but clearly -- foul, just right of the right field foul pole. They appeared to be calling it a home run, but did get the call right eventually. Beautiful day to be in the Bronx.

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