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Vanilla Sky , Rhapsody , and my little Ipod killer

Just saw " Vanilla Sky ". Wheesh, for a second I thought it was me but a lot of other people did not get this movie either. Like I Heart Huckabees, this was a mess. Pseudo-psychological mess mess mess. But I have to give Cameron Crowe some props...he was asked to remove the World Trade Center from the background of a scene, and he refused as I learned in WTC In Movies.

Formally cancelled Rhapsody ( as a paid service ) today, at the end of the trial period. They still keep my account active for some free internet radio stations and 25 free songs to listen to on the computer each month. Have learned a few more things about the IRiver player--the commands are not intuitive at all, and the manual is the pits, but it --is-- a great piece of gear once you have it figured out. Sound quality is great. If this thing was a little easier to use and had a manual that made sense, it could really damage the Ipod. For me, it is better than Ipod now, as it allows me subscription music, a concept I really like.

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