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NJ by Car / It Can't be done on the weekend

Back from a party in Lebanon NJ. Great party, the only problem was getting to and from it.

On the way out, a wall of traffic on the Staten Island Expressway. On the way back, smooth sailing on Route 78, but a wall of traffic on the Goethals and the entire length of the Staten Island Expressway.

This is a serious problem for NYC and the region. Unless you're willing to travel first thing in the morning, you simply cannot get from NY to NJ on a summer weekend. This is a problem that noone is thinking about, much less addressing.

It's especially acute from Staten Island to NJ and vice versa.

Despite the huge volume of traffic between these two places, there is exactly zero mass transit between them. That ain't good.

The Goethals and the Outerbridge are inadequate two lane bridges that serve as choke points instead of proper crossings. They both need to be replaced, not patched, but again nooone talks about it, much less does anything about it.

Lets follow Bloomberg's advice and build a football stadium in Manhattan and a NASCAR track right by the Goethals so that noone will ever be able to drive anywhere again, which will make an excellent contribution to Global Warming.

The only options now? Move to NJ, or never travel there, or only take mass transit there ( necessitating a trip to Manhattan and then the PATH / NJ Transit or NJ Bus ) , or drive there only in the morning and/or via the streets and at no other time. Apart from these, there are no alternatives and maybe you should only send e-mails to NJ and good night to you and leave me alone.

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