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Baseball / Changing of the Guard

Tonight, there were 39,000 people at Shea, and Pedro Martinez pitched another gem, a no-hitter into the seventh.

While the Yankees are about to lose two straight to the Brewers, after losing three straight to--the Twins.

The Mets are no great team, but Wright, Reyes, and especially Martinez are great fun to watch. There's electricity in the old Queens graveyard.

The Yankees, meanwhile, are in an incredibly deep hole, with no easy way out, despite their fat bank account. Lots of old players, and very few leaders. Jeter, Sheffield, and who else? Wang Chien-ming?

DNC head Howard Dean is very rapidly becoming a folk hero --for the Republicans. Every time he opens his mouth, they love him even more. Republicans have called him " a gift sent from heaven ". They are ecstatic

There have been signs of serious unhappiness with this jamoke among the adults of the Democratic Party ( Biden, Edwards, Richardson ). Expect a serious " recall - Dean " movement by mid-summer. Don't blame Dean. The boy can't help himself. He's heading toward the wall 90 miles an hour, and noone's gonna stop him.

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