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NY Helicopter Crashes - Baseball - Farenheit 9/11

Not one, but two separate helicopter crashes, both into the East River, but noone died in either incident. Luck clearly played its part, but without brave rescuers this story would not have had such a happy ending.

The Mets are now the team in the funk, while the Yankees have won six straight. Granted, three of those wins came against the AAA Pirates, and the other three came against the clawless Cubbies, but still that's pretty good. A writer in todays NY Post referred to Chien Ming-Wang as " the best pitcher to come through their system since Andy Petitte ". That may be correct. With a 4-2 record, and eight very strong innings against Chicago yesterday, this guy is an essential part of this team.

Finally saw " Farenheit 9/11 " on disc. It is a a laughable work, intentionally funny in spots ( as when he asks Congressmen to have their sons sign up for Iraq ), unintentionally funny most times, dishonest all the time. We invaded Afghanistan so we could build pipelines there. Michael Moore said so, it must be true.

The fact that this thing actually won the Palme d'Or at Cannes and that it made lots of money is because lots of people hate Bush. Thats fine. Good for them. But this is not a documentary, nor is it art. Its a Triumph of the Will for limousine liberals from the coasts and antiwar Europeans, without any of the artistry of Leni Riefenstahl.

Jean-Luc Godard had it about right. I strongly agree with Godard's point that Bush was actually helped by this movie.

Bush is truly blessed to have Michael Moore and Howard Dean as enemies.

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