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Bye Bye Pataki

Word has it that George Pataki will not run for reelection as Governor of New York.

One reason for this is that he is so unpopular, that he could not beat Bozo the Clown in an election these days. The other is that this protege of d'Amato the bagman actually thinks that he is a national figure, and that he should test the waters for a Presidential run. What a self-delusional jamoke. His national rep does not make it to Jersey City.

Pataki is the latest in a long line of bad governors, presiding over a high-tax government that kills jobs and steals from the people.

And he has never been a friend of New York City. Will never forget how he tried to scam a train line to Schenectedy out of 9/11 aid money. And how he has botched the WTC redevelopment ( the Post did not call it Pataki's Pit for nothing ).

Bad luck to you, you Pataki you.

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