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Police Search on NYC Subways / Sharm el Sheik Bombing

The terrorist murders in the London subway has refreshed the memory of those many, here and there, who think that 9/11 happened oh so long ago, and that the terror threat is in some way distant.

It's not distant. At all.

The NYPD is now conducting random bag searches on the subway. I am entirely in favor of this. I understand the " civil liberties " argument against this practice. I also understand that Muslim lunatics are trying to blow us all to hell.

In the name of Allah, the merciful Islamic tough guy up there in the sky over Mecca, I praise the NYPD. When they search my bag, I will do what I do when they search my carryon at the airport --thank them.


Sharm el Sheik bombing

Its funny, most Americans have shown Egypt a wide bearth in recent years, as the result of terrorist attacks on tourists. But Europeans have continued to go there, thinking the risk to be small. Unfortunately, the risk is not small.

This murder of 84 plus people will probably kill most all tourism to Egypt, an absolute body blow to that country's economy.

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