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Linda Hopkin - Those Were the Days

Linda Hopkin
Funny how a song can remain in your mind over the years. I remember when this was a world - conquering hit back in 1968. I liked it as a kid, and I've continued to enjoy it over the years on those rare occasions when I'd hear it. ( Link to song within the above link )

Today, I decided to look for it in my Yahoo music player, and there it was, as part of the 1969 " Post Card " album. Now I have it. This it's a timeless song. And there are wonderful Italian and Spanish versions on the same album.

There are good versions of " Turn Turn Turn " and " Young Love ". But what the hell was Paul McCartney thinking of when he put " No Business Like Show Business " on this. Yes, Paul McCartney, bossman of the new Apple Records was the producer of this album.

And Donovan plays guitar on a couple of the songs.

An uneven album, but the best of it consists of absolute treasures. Add it to the permanent collection.

I think you will find it was Mary Hopkin who sung that not me.
Linda Hopkin

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