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Put it off as long as I possibly could, but finally got around to painting the metal decorative overhang over the second floor porch of my house.

The most disagreeable part of the project was the prep work. Part of this metalwork had not been painted in ages, and I had to scrape off tons of chipped paint. As it was above me, the paint chips rained down on me.

Had to stand on a straight ladder for long periods of time, not a huge problem when I got used to it.

I don't begrudge painters who charge decent bucks for this type of work, it's hard, nasty labor.

Some of the metalwork is rusted through, but most of it is in decent shape. It, and the house, date back to 1918, maybe by guys back from the Great War, just after the Fourth Avenue subway was punched through a Bay Ridge that still had working farms.

Now that the work is done, it looks so much better. My next door neighbor to the left as you face the house ( or to be accurate a previous owner of their house ) got rid of this metalwork, and/or covered it over. Terrible, terrible mistake. I love that fact that I have this original metalwork on my house, hand crafted 87 years ago.

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