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Casey Sheehan

It is an unprovable point, but I would bet every penny that I have and every penny I will ever have that Casey Sheehan would have been deeply ashamed of his mother's hijinks down in Texas. The fact that the rest of the Sheehan family has completely disavowed Cindy Sheehan's actions give a wee indication of this. The family's statement was on page 15 of most papers one time, while Mama's antics are reported prominently every day in all media. ( with little mention of the inconsistencies in her stories, her antisemetic statements, and the fact that she already met with Bush, saying at the time that the meeting had gone well. Until she decided that it hadn't )

She's being used. To quote the cliche, you have to give an immense amount of slack to a mother who has suffered such a loss. But she degrading herself and her family ( see above ) here.

The man whose photo is here would not support her antics. Sorry, Casey, bro. I raise my glass in honor of your memory.

PS: another Cindy Sheehan supporter heard from

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