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Major League Baseball to Europe?

The ( London ) Times reports that major league baseball mayopen the 2007 season in London I think that this would be a swell idea. I thought it was great when the Yankees opened in Japan a couple of years back.

The more international exposure baseball gets, the better it does. The Phantom would have to consider flying over such a match in London.

Baseball is small potatoes in Europe, but it's bigger than you think. There's a high standard of play in Holland, which produced the great Bert Blyleven, a pitcher who won an eye-popping 287 games.

There is also a professional league in Italy. It has not produced major league players as far as I know, but they will someday.

And yes, my Irish friends, there is a small league in Ireland. I don't think that this is a professional league, and the number of people at a game would probably fit in a phone booth, but you have to start somewhere.

Someday, 50,000 people in Croke Park for a pennant race between Dublin and Belfast, as Irish-American power pitching great and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryanthrows out the ceremonial first ball...

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