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New Orleans Leaders / 9/11 Incident

Similar Situation, Different Response

An interesting perspective on Nagin and Blancoduring Katrina, comparing them with Guiliani and Pataki.

Apparently, Nagin and Blanco hated each other, and allowed this to interfere with their working relationship when the storm hit. Guiliana and Pataki also hated each other, for the identical reason --the mayor had endorsed a rival candidate for governor . But Guiliani and Pataki buried the hatchet immediately when disaster struck. Nagin and Blanco didn't.


Newsstand Firefighter's 9/11 Excuse

This past Saturday, Edward Dailey, a 27 year old fireman was arrested for assaulting a 51 year old newspaper vendor in the Village, telling the Bangladeshi immigrant " You look like Al Queda ". The firemen went into a nearby bar with 15 other firemen, where they were rude to the female bartender and other patrons.

The bartender said " Its seems like its almost an excuse for them " referring to the firemen's attitudes to 9/11. Six cops escorted the firemen out of the joint.

bigotery alive and well in usa isee

Bigotry's alive in a great many places. But dealt with by a firm hand here.

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