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I know three people from New Orleans.

One, who lives in NYC, advised that his cousin's family lost their home in St. Barnard's Parish. The extended family is split up, taking refuge in Baton Rouge, staying with friends.
The other one lives right outside New Orleans, in Metairie. I sent him an e-mail as the storm bore in, wishing him the best, and his reply just came in today "Great to hear for you. All is OK with my house and family...some wind damage. I was blessed. My daughter's and my brother's houses flooded as well as my brother's law office building. [a woman ] of my office has about 8ft of water in her house. We will be officeing in the [ company's ]Houston office for the next couple of months."
The third lives far away in Bermuda. Do not know how her people are.
A group of Iraqi soldiers took up a collection for the Katrina victims . With all of their troubles, they donated a month's salary to the relief effort.

This reminds me of the true story of donations made by the Cherokee and the Choctaw Indians of America to the starving Irish at the height of the famine in 1847. If you read the link, you'll see that the Irish have never forgotten this act of great kindness, from a people with uncountable troubles of their own . Nor have the Choctaw, nor the Cherokee.

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