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Vietnam appearing in the Distance

Well, it won't be long before I am far away in Vietnam. As per the norm, my research is, ahem, somewhat behind. But what the hell. I say the test of a real traveler is to wing it.

I leave on October 8, so I have a little time to research things. And its good that its on an organized tour.

I can say that the weather now looks to be: temperature ok, and lots of rain.

Vietnam, Vietnam. Less than three weeks. Can't believe it. I will be updating the blog from there. With internet cafes, its easily done, even in the so called third world.


My yahoo e-mail is not working now. Have to tell people to sent to the alternate gmail address also if it is important.

The NY Giants - New Orleans Saints game is on tv, for Monday Night Football. The Giants lead 27-10. I wish New Orleans was winning.

The NY Times restricts access to parts of their website today, unless you are a subscriber. Well too bad, NY Times, you're not that important anymore. And subscribing is not convenient to me. So take a hike.

A London correspondent to WABC radio today said " Why is Ray Nagin still the mayor in New Orleans? Is it just me or is he an idiot? " He was referring to the mayor who complained about no transporation, though he had 200 buses at his disposal that remained unused ; more recently on his request over the weekend, against federal advice, that people move back in to parts of New Orleans, advice that he rescinded today, as the new hurricane came calling into the Gulf area, and as not enough infrastructure was back on line. It is obvious. Its Bush's fault.

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