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Al-Zharqawi Dead?

As yet unconfirmed reports, repeated by LGF, that terror mastermind Al-Zharqawi has been killed

US forces apparently killed eight Al Queda members in a house in Mosul, Iraq. As of 5pm tonight, Fox News is mentioning the possibility that Zharqawi may have been in there, and CNN is not talking about the Mosul incident at all.

Oh dear me. Forgive me but I dont feel like weeping for this excuse of a human being. My round!!!, what are you having yerself?

A fresh cool pint of Guinness would be fine. If its true. Afraid its not.

A report on today's radio says that a number of the families / clans of those murdered in Amman are already hunting for Zarqawi.

And the anger in Jordan and elsewhere in Arab countries against him is unabated.

If he's alive, he'd better watch his back. He's watching for the Americans, but it could well be an Arab from Jordan or elsewhere that kills him.

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