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Mark Simone / WABC

Mark Simone of WABC-AM New York radio trends towards the right, and he can be brilliant. I am now listening to a " documentary " he has made quoting Clinton, Pelosi, other leading Democrats in 1998 speaking with great fervor and specificity on the need for Regime Change and on the fact that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Could not be more clear.

Simone does not have much air time. He is only on the air weekend mornings or as a subsitute. He should have his own show.

WABC has mostly conservative hosts. Its broadcasts are streamed on the Internet via the above link

Once again, yes we all thought he had weapons. That's why we all were in favor of having Hans Blix's team check and see if they were there or not. That is, all except Bush and his buddies, who kicked Blix out and invaded the country.

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