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ARod Wins Baseball's Most Valuable Player Award

Well, well, well. We have us the makings of a controversy. Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees has won the MVP Award of the American ( baseball ) league. He beat David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.

Both are great hitters who put up huge numbers for their teams. It's pretty clear that ARod won out because he plays a defensive position, third base, and plays it well. Ortiz is a specialist " designated hitter " who is excused from playing the field.

The Red Sox pitcher does not have to come up to bat- Ortiz bats for him. When teh pitcher is on the mound, Ortiz sits in the dugout picking his nose, waiting for his next time up at bat.

I don't care if he hit a home run every time up-- no DH does deserves an award for anything. They're not baseball players.

I agree with all, except I didn't like the mental image I got of Ortiz picking his nose.

It was the DH more than anything else that drove me away from being a fan of the American League (although I did root for the White Sox against the Astros, but that was one of those one-time code of honor things conceived of my extreme dislike for Houston).

I don't know if ARod deserved the AL MVP, but he was certainly more qualified than Ortiz.

Impressive blog. You got talent.

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