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Duke " Rape " Case

Sorry that there have been few posts recently. My computer has been down.

Not that I've been unable to look around the Internet.

Like many, have been following the " Duke University Rape Case ", where some have blamed the school's lacrosse team with gang-raping a black woman, a stripper.

DNA samples were taken from almost the entire team. The prosecutor was ready to hang 'em. Only one little thing. According to the defense lawyers ( and I don't know why they would lie about this ), the tests came back negative for everyone tested.

You'd think that this was good news. But some of the liberal persuasion were ready to convict the college students as soon as the story broke, and some of them won't change their minds, evidence be damned. See, from majikthise. I've made few comments here.

Thanks for pointing us to the Duke comments posting. Absolutely fascinating the degree of denial some people achieve even in the face of nearly impossible odds (which lack of DNA evidence would seem to mount). Have also read there is photographic evidence that bruises pre-existed the Duke U. performance but can't find the citation now.

What flabbergasts me is that nearly every one of those who spoke out against Brooks' implied doctrine of "Original Sin" also seemed to think that there is some sort of superior morality at play in broad sociological principles.

The Phantom was doing some good work in that forum. Kudos.

Thank you. Watch her most recent post. I am astonished at some of what I read.

There are right-wing equivalents of what you see here, but that does not make it any better. You're almost tempted to give up on humanity.

These are people who think that they are " progressive "....a progressive lynch mob is more like it.

Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Mentioned No Condoms Were Used
It seems the defense keeps finding more to support their side of things, with each new piece of information they get. Now from that stack of 1,300 papers, they have discovered that the stripper accuser mentioned no condoms were used. No condoms and…
The stripper’s body was completely void of any sign of a sexual assault (except for signs of recent vaginal and anal from her boyfriend). The alleged crime scene was completely devoid of DNA.

It is impossible that a crime scene with three drunk men in a small enclosed room with a fighting and clawing woman being orally, virginally, and anally penetrated not leave any DNA evidence of urine, blood, vaginal fluid, sweat, fecal matter, scat smears, saliva, tears, or semen... especially if condoms were used. How would they take off the condoms during all this chaos without spilling, smearing, or touching the content inside or outside of the condom?

When investigators questioned the stripper after DNA tests on the semen found inside her vagina and rectum didn’t match any of the Duke players, the stripper admitted to having had sex with at least three men around the time of the alleged rape. The stripper named her boyfriend and two men who drove her to Duke.

When questioned, the “drivers” said they would drop her off at several places, including hotel rooms.

It appears that the stripper has sex with men for rides to her strip shows…Nasty!

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