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Lets Go Mets

The Mets beat Arizona 15-2 today, to complete a four game sweep. They're now 39 wins and 23 losses. The Yankees, meanwhile, are 35 and 26. The Mets, from here, are both the best and the most interesting baseball team in town. The Yankees have "owned" New York for many years now, but that might be about to change.

America is blissfully immune from soccer's World Cup. While the rest of the world, esp the participating countries, grinds to a halt during the tournament, this country continues to follow its own baseball and basketball leagues this time of year. I happen to think that's great! Who says that the entire world has to like the same things? Just because Angola and Paraguay like soccer, doesn't mean middle America has to watch it.

That having been said, the US is actually in the World Cup this year --a fact that most Americans may not even know-- and they have a good, well-coached team. I get this from the sports pages, as I admit I know nothing about the game.

Anyway, the Phantom's picks for this year's World Cup. I predict that the United States will win. This is a prediction analogous to the first time visitor to the racetrack who picks a horse to win because she likes its name.

If the US does not win, England will.

But I have a perfect blog track record at predicting sports events based on my call of the World Baseball Classic win for Japan.

Mark it here: America wins.. Noone expects it. But it'll happen.

People like you and me should stick to baseball.

'Fraid you're correct there. But that's a GOOD thing!!

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