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Irish Govt to Hill of Tara: Drop Dead

The Hill of Tara is a beautiful place, the ancient seat of Irish Kings. It actually predates Egypt's pyramids.

It was on the Hill of Tara that the Ard RĂ­, or high king was crowned, hence its title as the Seat of the High Kings of Ireland. The Tuatha de Dannan are said to have been the first race to settle in Tara. This tribe of fierce warriors and sorcerers were believed to have brought the Lia Fail, or Destiny Stone with them. Legend has it that this mythical stone could determine the identity of the true high king. It would let out three loud roars once touched by the man fated to be ruler.

But this majestic site may not last long. The Irish government plans to build a major road ( the M3 ) right next to it. There are alternate routes that could be used, but the road builders seem set on this location. But not everyone is along for this lorry ride to hell. See the following, and help if you can:



( The first site above apparently is not on blogger's server so I cannot do a direct link to it. Please cut and paste to it.)

There was also an article in Monday's NY Timeson the subject

An article from The Guardian on this issue.

Historical information the Hill of Tara

Well done on posting details about the Tara crisis.

For current information please visit:


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