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Look What I've Done

Well, it's 2005, time to get with the technology. So I just ( legally ) downloaded " Look What You've Done " by the Australian band Jet . A historic moment in my livingroom, as this is my first formal music download. Won't do illegal downloads, not of any ethical concern, but because they would be lousy with viruses.

Downloaded it from RealPlayer's music store. For 99 cents, I got this one song. But that is the only one that I wanted, so it is a million times better than buying the album. Very few musicians will have more than three good songs on any album, so legal download not a bad deal for now.

Sound quality is good. This is a lovely, simple song. Sure, Jet ripped this style off from the Beatles, but listen to the early Beatles ; they ripped off Chuck Berry and everyone else.

The clip language says that Jet wants to give rock and roll back to the filthy, long-haired teenagers - where it belongs. I'm cool with that.

Next : Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Hawaiian artist Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and Spirit in the Sky by the Kentucky Headhunters.

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