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Howard Dean on Russert

Saw Howard Dean on Meet the Press this morning. This is one nasty guy.

Howard, a Medical Doctor, recently mocked Rush Limbaugh's drug addiction before a political meeting of Democrat activists, and did not retract any of it today.

Today he restated that Tom DeLay will probably wind up serving prison time--never mind that DeLay has not even been charged with anything. This from the same Howard Dean who as a Presidential candidate said that he would not want to prejudge the guilt of Osama Bin Laden! So he won't prejudge Osama, but he does prejudge a Republican who he does not like.

I remain astonished that the Democrats saw fit to name him as the DNC chair. It's been noted that Dean has visited seven " red states " with Democratic governors, and that all seven made sure that they were not around when Dean came to town.

This guy is poison. For the Democrats, for the country.

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