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WTC: Trump Says what needed to be said

10pm ish
Visited Trump Tower this evening. The model of the Twin Towers was on display, and of course was the center of attention. Its impressive. It will only be on display there until Thursday afternoon.

I support the plan to rebuild the Twin Towers. I'd work there, I'd live there, and, if the money was not there to do it, I'd dig deep and contribute money to the project. That's how many New Yorkers, and many Americans, feel about this.

Trump is about two years late on this. Where the hell was he when this kooky Libeskind plan was approved by a process that never presented the rebuild option?

from earlier today
Donald Trump to have a press conference today at which he will propose getting rid of the " Freedom Tower " design, but rebuilding the Twin Towers instead. Do not know if his plan has any shot, but this is the once concept that was never proposed by the politicians, but which nonetheless is the once concept that people I speak to support with any passion. Could be an interesting couple of days.

What will be proposed should look a lot like this design.

Article here

And now a story in the NY Times

Have to agree with the Donald on this one. This type of option should always have been on the table, should have at least been discussed.

Hardball weighs in on this.

From National Review

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