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Runaway Bride

Funny phrase, this. Runaway bride. It's happened often enough that they had to invent a phrase to describe it. Why didn't they invent a phrase for " runaway groom"?

A big part of me is very sympathetic to Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway bride from Duluth Georgia who apparently got scared to death of her impending wedding in front of 500 people. She ran all the way across the country, ending up in New Mexico.

I can't excuse the story she told, of being kidnapped, etc., which prompted a huge search in Georgia and nationally. A lot of people are really pissed at her, and who could blame them?

Now, with my new Rhapsody music service, I did a search with " Runaway Bride " as keyword. As it turns out, there is a song, from an album currently out, named " Runaway Bride " by an independent artist named Lindsay Smith from an album " Were You Prom Queen"?

I am listening to the album now, and its pretty good. And " Runaway Bride " is killer. Its catchy, danceable, and with any publicity I could see it being played in every college in the country in about ten seconds.

Lindsay Smith is now performing at the --Georgia!-- Renaissance Festival and may have hit the lotto with the right song with the right time in the right place, based on a very hot topic.

There is a clip of the song on the website.

Good job, Lindsay Smith. Your sense of timing is astonishing. If Jennifer Wilbanks does marry this guy after all, maybe you can perform at the reception.

A lot of people who side with this woman haven't heard the 911 call. I heard the whole thing on CNN and it made me sick. She was telling such blatant lies...descriptions of the kidnappers, where she was kidnapped, the description of the vehicle, how she had no clue where she was....

Just think of the police power used to find her...the 911 call that may have been waiting while she spewed her lies...the family and friends and community who lost sleep over her. Some penalty must be imposed.

I'd like to know the whole story behind this. She bought her ticket a week in advance, cut her hair, left the engagement ring at home....I just wonder if someone else knew she was running.

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