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Hello Rhapsody Premium

OK, signed up for Rhapsody Premium. So worth it, it's not funny. You can create your own personalized playlist. I set this thing up with the following genres: Australia / South Pacific, Bossa Nova, Celtic Folk, Early Country, New Traditional ( Country ) , New Traditional Bluegrass, Tango ( taking a flyer on this one ), Urban Folk, Worldbeat. This can and will change. This premium service costs me a fat total of $100/year. I am astonished at the quality I heard/seen so far.

Just as Netflix / Blockbuster.com allows you to take a flyer and sample movies you'd never go to the theater to see, this Rhapsody Premium service allows you to listen to artists whose albums you would never buy ; whose music is never or rarely played on your local radio.

This type of thing is --exactly-- what the the new faster Internet was created for.

Now, excuse me while I sit back and listen to "Fields of Athenry", performed in an acoustic version, by Ghosts of Scotland .

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