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Air America : the Ugly Face of the Left

There should be more of a political debate in America. Bush needs to be challenged , and the Tom DeLay element of the Republican Party does not exactly inspire confidence.

But what you have is shouting, and the nastiest of the shouting comes from the Democratic side of the aisle, now that the party has been completely hijacked by the moveon.org wing.

Over a year ago, Air America was created in attempt to counter the hugely popular right-wing radio network shows by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. That's cool, except that this network is so shrill, so nasty, so completely unfunny that it has very few listeners.

A recent incident won't help them. On a recent broadcast, an Air America piece against Bush actually featured shots being fired at President Bush They have apologized for the "mistake".

Man, this brought back memories. I was in the dining hall at SUNY Binghamton the day President Reagan was shot. I remember being shocked and astonished at the many lefty students who were genuinely happy that the President had been shot, who hoped that he would die. High fives were exchanged. Today, I would have gotten in their face. I could not believe people would act like this. But they could, and they do.

The Air America incident, apology aside, was not a mistake. Look around and observe. Closely.

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