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NYC Stadium Dead?- GOOD

If it's dead, my reaction, in a word, is GOOD.

This thing would have cost the taxpayers an absolute fortune, and I can't for the life of me figure out what the benefit was supposed to be.

The Jets play a big fat total of 8 home games a year. The city said that they would not use the stadium for concerts. So what the hell was this thing ever supposed to be used for?

Could never buy the Olympics argument, as NY was never going to get the Games anyway, and I could care less about the Olympics anyway. They cost host cities a fortune, and the Games last for two weeks, and the host city is left holding the bag with stadiums for bicycle racing and polo and yacht racing that serve no purpose when the Games end. That is already happening in Athens, which built a stadium for baseball / softball ( which Greeks do not play ) and the stadium is never used now.

The biggest dopes are Jet season ticket holders who supported the stadium. They've already been told that they will not be allowed to tailagate. And the minute the stadium was built, they would be forced to buy " personal seat licenses " at $50,000 a pop ( a scam used in other cities ) just to get the right to buy their season tickets. The " Fireman Ed " types will be on the outside looking in, while " Expense Account Ed " takes his place. The so-called investment by the Jets will be borne by these " seat licenses ".

If there was ever an argument for this stadium, I could never understand it. Bloomberg, who has been somewhat effective as mayor, wasted half his term in office with this foolish, uneconomical, anti-New York taxpayer crusade.


Narrowing down the autumn vacation. Think it will be 14 days in Vietnam and and this previously mentioned tour probably will be the itinerary I want a place that's really different and interesting, and this may be it.

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