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The Yankees continue to confound their fans. Their ten game win streak is ancient history now, and they've lost two in a row to the lowly Kansas City Royals. While there is a big part of me that is happy to see this happen -- poor David should be able to beat rich Goliath once in awhile -- I want the Yankees to succeed.

But it is hard to succeed when your pitching staff is this old. Randy Johnson looks like someone's grandfather out there. Brown is a disinterested bum who could care less whether the Yankees win or lose. And Mouse Mussina isn't exactly putting the fear of God into the batters.

There continues to be speculation that the Yankees will try to solve their problem by getting the ( old ) Roger Clemens back. This would involve trading at least one good young player ( Wang, Cano ) for the Cy Young winning backstabber from Texas. Which patches the problem on the mound, until Clemens decides he misses his family again, but makes the team even older than they are now. Such a move would also bring the worst karma in the world to the Bronx.

Don't do it.

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