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David Wells, Swine

David Wells is a contemptible human being, who wimped out of a World Series game after bragging how he does not need to work out. This is the same guy who broke verbal contracts with both the Diamondbacks and the Yankees.

When he broke his word to Jerry Colangelo ( Diamondbacks' owner ) Steinbrenner had no have a problem with that, but I did. Your word is your bond. Period.

Then Wells broke a verbal deal with Cashman and the Yankees, which at least makes him consistent. Then Cashman and Steinbenner, having been burned, realized that Wells might not be an upright guy. Right.

But give him credit for one thing. For the most part, he has risen to the occasion, pitching well in high pressure games, pitching very well in Yankee Stadium. Tonight was one such occasion, when as a Red Sox, he shut down the Yankees over 8 1/3 innings. Sometimes, the bad guys win.

If this swine had the work ethic of Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan, or heaven help us, Jerry Rice, he would be a Hall of Fame pitcher.

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