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Pedro Martinez / Yankees Daddy in the Bronx

Have not been watching very much baseball thus far in 2005, what with my planning for the Vietnam trip and a hectic time on the job.

But tonight, watched a nice chunk of the Mets-Yanks game. Observations, none of which will be original, on a 6-4 Mets win.

Pedro Martinez continues to be wonderful for the Mets. Sneaky, smart, a pitcher's pitcher with a nasty bag of deception on the mound. He's not the same guy who was on the Red Sox. He seems to be grounded and much happier with the Mets.

The guy who seemed like a high maintenance semi-headcase is now the most solid of solid citizens in ( blue ) pinstripes.

One of the reasons he's so happy is Carlos Beltran, his Latin buddy looking over his shoulder in center. Beltran hits a home run every time Pedro starts ( or so it seems ). He hit one tonight, and then made a great catch in the eighth, robbing Matsui to end the inning with ARod on base.


Blueberries are getting cheap now, from North Carolina. Wait until the New Jersey crop comes in very soon, and I will go back to my annual ritual of inhaling pints of delicious, fat, happy berries. The Chilean berries are ok during the offseason, the North Carolina ones are ok, the Jersey berries are the best.

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