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Manny Ramirez -- Mets Dodge A Bullet

The Mets supposedly were very interested in signing Manny Ramirez of the Sox. The deal didn't happen, and thats good. Manny Ramirez, great hitter that he is, is a horrible defensive player and a bad guy in the clubhouse.

The other day in Boston, he was due to get a day off but when Trott Nixon was hurt, the club asked Manny to play that day. He said no, and put the team in a spot. He is --exactly--the type of guy that a rebuilding team like the Mets do NOT need.

The Mets got rid of Rey Ordonez when they did because they did not want him influencing Rey Ordonez and the other young players. Well, Manny is just about that bad, though he can play. When he wants to.

Cannot believe the idiots on WFAN, etc that are saying that the Mets just had to trade all their prospects for this overpaid one-dimensional player, a bad influence with a bat.

You mean trade for.. Rey Ordonez was to polute Rey Ordonez?

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