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Sheehan vs Sheehan

This is the best column the I have yet seen on the Sheehan story. Much detail here.

She wants to meet with Bush, but she has already met with him ( we knew that ).

But Casey Sheehan volunteered to join the Army, and then re-enlisted in 2004, when the war was well underway. He knew his unit was very likely to go to Iraq. And when he was there, he volunteered for a ( dangerous ) rescue mission in combat conditions, though he was not obligated to do so.

His mother, in the name of " supporting the troops " dishonors the memory of a clearly heroic man. She speaks for some people ( I saw a grand total of maybe seven people at a " Camp Casey " in NY's Union Square yesterday ), but she does not speak for her family, and she sure as hell does not speak for the troops.

can you stop sprouting the word hero as it has lost its meaning how can you be a hero for invading a country killing its civillians and when they fight back they are terrorists . they are fighting for their freedom from men who kick their doors down shout at them and treat them as nothing the americian press is just a propganda machine who wont show the truth so truth justice and the americian way i dont think you know truth or justice.

Well, anonymous, the word hero may have lost its meaning for the likes of you, but not for everyone.

I am sorry that you dislike the US deposition of your friend Saddam Hussein.

Iraq is a better place than it was three years ago, and your little freedom fighters for the most part are Saddam-ites or foreigners. But I guess it is ok for a foreigner to be there so long as they support Saddam

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