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Actual Video of New Orleans Police Officers Looting ( edited )

Two actual videos of the New Orleans looting:
from NBC.

another video, showing more images, incl a Walgreens on Canal St that I have shopped in


A thoughtful story on this subject from the Boston Globe.

Very little of this looting was caused by hungry people looking for food. The truth is that civilization is a very thin veneer, and is at it's very thinnest in places like New Orleans with its top - to - bottom history of corruption.

The media is downplaying this story now, but that is wrong. As the Boston Globe story says, the crimes against property quickly led to assaults on people. And it distracted the ( few ) good men of the New Orleans Police Dept from efforts to save people.

Face it, the NOPD is by far the worst police force in America. As someone said in Little Green Footballs "I don't believe that they will be selling NOPD hats at any grocery stores and department stores in the next few months. "

Hope the guy in the picture enjoyed his Heinekens.

That is absolutely disgraceful.

My favorite two lines from the reporter are:

1. to the boy with the pink shirt: "That doesn't seem to be your color" and
2. to the police officer, "So what do you do when you find looters, cause I think I see some?"

Very, very sad. Who can people trust?

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