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Mayor Nagin, the do-nothing leader

Mayor Nagin of New Orleans has been shooting his mouth off about how the state and federal govt didn't do enough. But he didn't do much of anything.

How many New Orleans school buses are in this picture? Why wasn't one of them used to evacuate some of the people before the storm hit?

Leadership begins at home. Nagin is a critic, not a leader.

Mayor Nagin like Gov. Katy Blanco are weak leaders. Neither had any plan for a major storm. To top off their impotence, they made some huge mistakes in judgment early on as you have pointed out.

It is horrible to see. I have visited New Orleans three times, and have affection for it and its people.

Its hard to accept people in a position of leadership who won't lead, but this Nagin takes the cake. He does not lead, but spends his time criticizing the failings of the others.

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