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Arizona Memorial / etc

The Arizona Memorial, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is not in good shape, and a fund-raising effort will soon begin to perform needed repairs. Sign me up.

On December 7, 1941, this magnificent ship was destroyed in the sneak attack by the Japanese forces. One thousand one hundred crew died on a Sunday morning.

The USS Arizona Memorial was built in 1962. The majority of the funds came from private contributions, with a big boost from Elvis Presley, who donated the proceeds from a 1961 concert to the Memorial.

The Arizona Memorial was constructed just above the sunken ship. It's a haunting place to visit. Small drops of oil still come to the surface, after all these years. I was there this past July, and saw them.

The eight dolphins swept away by Katrina in Mississippi have all been rescued. Good news from a region that needs more good news.


Home runs way down in baseball this year. Sure that this has nothing to do with the steroids testing. Has Barry Bonds been tested yet this year?

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